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Kai Akana

Name Kai Akana

Position Acolyte

Character Information

Codename Gravitar
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 185 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kai is a handsome young man of Hawaiian and Japanese ancestry with spiky black hair, dark eyes, and a tan skin tone. He has a unique look and symmetrical features that often attract the attention of the male-attracted people around him instantly. He also puts a great deal of time and effort into his body and lifts regularly as appropriate for his considerable strength. As a result, he has an impressive muscular figure. He also sports several tattoos on his body.


Father Daniel Akana
Mother Carmen Akana
Brother(s) Duane and Dante Akana (Twins - 15)
Other Family Remy Igo (Father Figure)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kai is charming and a natural leader, but he prefers to project an image that he just doesn't care about anything. He is confident and seems sure of himself even when he isn’t, and has intense energy and drive. He is direct in his speech and comfortable with initiating conversations and confrontations, but he doesn't like to admit when he’s wrong and rarely offers an apology. Though some people get the impression that he is a complete asshole, others believe he is brave, uninhibited, and adventurous as they are endeared to the more romantic aspects of his personality. A skilled fighter, Kai has spent his adolescent life being trained in mixed martial arts by his mentor. He has a towering and unhidden ambition to be the best at what he does and is extremely competitive and a hard worker.

Despite his coarseness, Kai is much more controlled than he once was. His adoptive father-figure taught him the value of playing fair, controlling his language, and protecting women, children, and the weak. This can be a very endearing quality, even to those who hate him. Additionally, Kai is very popular with girls who like bad boys because he fits the bill perfectly and seems to know just what to say to get what he wants in most situations.
Mutant Power(s) Gravity Control - (Range - 50 Feet)
-Gravity Fields (Controls gravity around self and other objects) PR 2
-Gravity Waves (Can eject waves of concentrated gravitic force from his body) PR 1
Super Strength, Speed, Durability & Stamina - PR 4
Profession(s) Thief & Common Criminal
Mixed-Martial Arts Trainee
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Ambitions Kai wants to reach the apex of the mutant world and be known as one of the greatest mutants that ever lived.
Hobbies & Interests Kai loves to work on cars, lift weights, hang out with friends, and talk to girls when he isn't honing his skills.
Mutant Mastery X-2

Origin Story Kai was born in 1972 to Daniel and Carmen Akana. His parents met in a bar the year before and had entered into an unhealthy and codependent relationship. A few days before Kai’s birth, the two of them were married at the courthouse in Wahiawa, Hawaii. They moved into a small apartment and began years of mutual emotional abuse. His mother’s great sadness is that his father just didn’t care very much about anything, even them.

Three years after Kai’s birth, his mother became pregnant again. His father, overwhelmed by the news, left her and Kai and moved to the mainland. Several months later, she gave birth to two twin boys who she named Duane and Donte. Soon after the birth of the twins, his mother got several jobs in order to make ends meet and the boys were left with a babysitter until Kai was five and was made to stay at home and watch his brothers himself. His mother started bringing boyfriends around the house as well who were not very nice and, as he grew, Kai became a resentful and disobedient child.

As he grew toward adolescence, his mother responded to his apathy and troubled behavior by lavishing attention and praise on him and defending him religiously against anyone who questioned his greatness. He reminded her of his father and she was afraid that he would leave her as well. When he started to develop super strength, speed, agility, and durability at the age of 12, her anxiety about him leaving mounted, because it seemed that he actually was special.

By the time his powers manifested, Kai had already been spending time with disreputable characters in the streets and was becoming quite the little criminal. He had been arrested twice and his mother was, under the surface, becoming desperate for her son to get help. After getting into a fight with some local children, a mixed martial arts expert named Remy Igo took interest in Kai’s ability set and took him under his wing. He taught the boy about fighting, served as something of a replacement father, and showed him how to talk to girls. Kai’s mother was devastated that she was losing him at first, but understood that her son needed a positive man in his life, so she came to accept Remy into their life.

Kai learned a great deal from Remy, who devoted a considerable amount of time to the boy and even coached him in the use of his powers. When he turned 18, Remy and his mother sat him down and discussed his future with him, telling him that they believed he needed to be taught by other mutants in order to reach his full potential. After a few weeks of convincing, Kai applied to Charles Xavier's institute and left Hawaii for the first time. When his plane arrived in California, he stole a black motorcycle and started his long journey to New York.
Past Exploits