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Pool Party

Posted on Tue Jun 29th, 2021 @ 12:31pm by Sonya Cross & Katy DeCobray & Connor Bruin & Gabe Spicer & Kai Akana

Mission: Episode 1: X-Odus
Location: Xavier pool
Timeline: June 28th, 1990

Gabe hadn't been at the mansion long, in fact he was really just settling in. And he figured the best way was to just wander around the mansion. That was basically his plan as he walked around the grounds. That is until he heard a splash. He turned his head around and saw that there was a pool. "There's a pool?!" he said, more or less to himself. He darted back inside and made a beeline for his room, and then to his backpack. "Please..please." he repeated to himself as he rummaged. "Yes!" he said, hoisting his swim trunks in the air triumphantly. "Got lucky there." he said as he quickly changed, nearly falling over in the process.

Gabe got back there in about the same time and was delighted to find others there. He waved as he made his way over. "Well, get to meet new people at least." he muttered to himself as he walked up.

A handful of students were already there, but Kai paid them no attention. Instead he was laying back on a pool chair beside the water, the sun reflecting off his dark tented sunglasses. He wore blue trunks and was shirtless. He didn’t seem interés in anything except casually watching the sky.

Sonya reached the end of the pool in a quick swim and turned around underwater pushing off from the end, she swam back. She stopped only when she got back to the end with the jump board. It was great June day to enjoy the pool outside as the sun was shining, there were almost no clouds on the blue sky, and the water was warm... what else a girl needed? A few boys to show off her body maybe. Putting hands on the edge of the pool, with ease, she hoisted herself up and then jumped out of the water. The skinny and tall blonde had a typical model-like body, clad in a sexy, mini, light green bikini. Her wet hairs stuck to her back and her body glistened in the sun.

With a wicked giggle, she turned her attention to the jumping board again and run for it. Nimbly got on it and used it to jump up in the air, make a somersault before she splashed into the water again. She was sure her activity was bound to get attention from others.

Katy wore a pair of black booty shorts and a sports bra as she thundered over the landscape around the mansion. She had explored most of it the first hour after Professor Baldilocks had allowed her some downtime, but now she wanted to take her time and get to know her new home. Home. She snorted as she kept her speed under thirty meters per second. What was home to her anymore? The bald mutant running the place said it was, but he had his own agenda.

When she saw the pool and other mutants by it, she got a big grin on her face and gave a woop as she increased her speed to forty meters a second and blasted across the surface, creating a wave on either side of her. She came to a stop and struck a pose on the other side. "Yeh, for I have walked on water, so shall the tribute be mine this day!" she declared.

Kai was shaken from his skyward glace by the display from the dark-haired girl in the booty shorts. He watched her put on a bit of a show and then his eyes wandered between her and Sonya respectively. It wasn't exactly Hawaii here, but this pool made him feel much more at home. He watched her move and clapped his hands together slowly, indicating his public appreciation of her antics.

"Hey you, with the dark hair!" he called from his reclined position. "Those were some impressive Gs. How fast can you go?"

The speedster looked over and gaped when she saw the slab of man meat spread out on a pool chair. She felt a flush creeping up her neck and wondered if she could blame it on the sun as it edged towards her face. "Umm...about mach one," she said as she turned and gave her face a high speed rub to make it more rosy than red and turned back a half second later and headed his way. "You like that?"

"Hell yeah I like that; it was awesome. You literally walked on the water; who can beat that shit?" he said, putting his arms out to his side widely in an expansive gesture; the muscular appendages moved with speed and self control. He watched her through his blacked out shades, linking what he saw. His smile was unwavering. "Not that fast though; kind of thought you could do better than that."

The comment was rude in most circles, and in some others it would have been on the borderline with mean. Kai was the sort of guy who didn't spend much time worrying about offending people, however. He was driven through and through, believed in himself, loved to compete, and hated being disappointed. He was hard to please, and he liked that about himself. He didn't let something like cuteness or ability in a girl distract him or change his priorities, and that what so many of them found so captivating or offensive, about him.

"That was only about ninety crossing the pool," Katy said. "Nowhere near what I can do." She suddenly appeared by his chair and a tail wind, literally, gusted past her, the chair, Kai and whatever was near it, blowing some smaller things over.

Gabe sat down in a lounge chair not far from Kai when he heard the "mach one" comment. "Wow!" He said, unaware he may have been butting in. "Uh...sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt. Hi, I'm Gabe by the way"

Katy looked over at the other guy. "Uh, sorry," she said. "And thanks! I'm Katy."

Kai didn't hide his irritation one bit at having Gabe sit down, but he didn't take any aggressive or rude actions besides a momentary sour face. He decided, after that, to embrace the new arrival and go with the flow. Everyone here was just trying to make friends after all.

"Nice to meet ya, Gabe. I'm Kai." he said, swinging his legs around and planting his feet in the space between their two lounge chairs. He extended a hand toward the lanky guy, all of his body language exuding confidence. "Katy was about to show me what she could really do, like blow stir up hurricanes."

He gave a bright smile as he looked up at the girl, gesturing around him at his small belongings on the ground. He figured she'd done it on purpose, and he kind of liked that.

Gabe smiled back and eagerly took Kais hand. "Great to meet y'all." He said. "Hurricanes? Cool! Whole lot better than I can do." He sort of laughed.

"I don't whip up hurricanes, but I can stir up douchebags," Katy said with a laugh. "Fortunately, none of those are here, right?" She offered her right hand to Gabe and her left to Kai.

"Not here at least." Gabe smiled as he shook Katys hand.

Kai took Katy's hand and shook it lightly, holding it for a bit longer than Gabe. Eventually, however, he let go of her hand and prepared to speak.

"No douchebags here, that's for sure. See, Gabe and me are total gentlemen. So, no need to stir us, right? You don't want to be 'stirred up' by Katy, do you Gabe?"

He offered the other guy an amused smile, full of self-confidence and obvious happiness. He tended to be upbeat most of the time and could always be counted on the make a social exchange easy. Assuming, of course, one didn't mind his antics.

Gabe just smiled back.

Katy gave Kai's hand a rapid shake that probably send tremors up his muscular arm and she couldn't help but like how he held it for a moment longer. Gabe, she simply shook his hand with a smile before she released them both. She looked over at the other girl and gave a wave. "Hey, come on over!"

By then Sonya made another round in the pool, swimming back and forth and enjoying the warm water immensely. She got out of the pool dipping water around when she heard dark haired girl calling her. She smiled and then brushed her hairs removing excess of water in a sensual manner. Having still more of a girl than woman built, she looked younger than she actually was. "Sure thing!" The tall blonde called back and walked over. Her eyes playfully looked around noticing everyone.

Sonya gave the gathered two guys and a girl wide grin as she stopped next to them. "What's up Katy? Are those two not nice enough?" She eyed Gabe. "We haven't met. Sonya." She extended her hand softly, offering a shake.

Gabe gladly took the offered hand. "Gabe, nice to meet you, Sonya." He smiled. "Just arrived couple days ago" he sort of laughed

"Yeah, I thought I saw you, but we had busy few days at the store. So I wasn't around that much." Sonya said. "So, what brought you here? She is fast, I am magnetic and he has his gravitas..." She said nodding toward Katy, then pointing at herself and finally nodding at Kai.

"Cool." He said. "Well, I guess I do animal'." He shrugged. "I'm sorta new at this but like animal traits I guess. Plus my senses have gotten better.

"You do animals?" Katy asked, having been paying attention to Sonya and looked back at Gabe. "Oh. You have their traits. That's cool."

Sonya nodded at Katy’s comment. “Yeah, that’s cool. So you can… like fly? Are there particular types of animals you can take traits from or there is no limit to that?” She paused and her eyes glinted with excitement and she poked her cheek with the tongue thinking. “Could you become like an alien? I mean an animal from a different planet?”

"Honestly, I'm still learning." Gabe said, turning red. "All I've really done is grow claws to show my jackass dad what for." He laughed. "Got his arm pretty good, then the professor showed up shortly after that."

Katy looked down; it seemed almost everyone had powers that manipulated through abuse and trauma. "Can you change your full body, or just parts of it?"

"Part so far." Gabe said, sort of shrugging.

Out of the boys' locker room came Connor in a dead sprint for the diving board. He leaned onto his hands in a forward handspring, landed at the edge of the diving board in a crouch that made it bend like spoon in the Matrix, and got catapulted so high in the air that he did three complete flips before landing in a cannonball that sent tidal waves up over the edge of the pool in every direction. He bobbed up for air and shook water from the red locks of his hair like a dog.

"Woooooo!" he shouted with glee.

Katy had been watching Gabe and Sonya, as well as checking out Kai, so when the water wave hit, she wasn't prepared. She was drenched and turned in slow motion towards what had caused it. When she saw Connor, she blinked, then laughed. "Someone has the right idea, it seems. Last one in is a rotten egg!" She turned and was gone in a second, and in the water.

Still wet from swimming, Sonya giggled and squealed at the splash of water. "This is what I call the fun!" She said, sprinted back and cannonball jumped back into the pool. More water flew in the air splashing everything around before Sonya popped slowly her head over the surface like a commando with a wide grin and wet hair stuck to her skin.

"When in Rome. " Gabe shrugged as he followed Sonyas lead. He leapt in the water , not really caring about style. "Cowabunga!" he shouted in midair.

Connor suddenly felt very crowded and started hooting at everyone else who jumped in after him.

"Calm down!" Sonya responded and swam away in a backstroke. "Geez Caveman." She added when she reached edge of the pool.


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