Episode 1: X-Odus

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Professor Xavier wakes up from a Cerebro session that went south and finds his X-Men are missing. Another quick scan with Cerebro shows none of them are to be found except Cyclops, though he is unconscious. With no other options, Xavier activates his alternate team protocol to form a rescue operation to assist Cyclops in locating the others and bringing the others home.

Start Date Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 3:05pm
End Date Fri Feb 25th, 2022 @ 3:05pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Monster Mansion
by Charles Xavier & Scott Summers & Connor Bruin & Cameron Hood & Jade Farwynd & Tammy Thompson & Bliss Hawkins & Elizabeth Villar & Hayden Davis
July 14, 1990 X-Mansion
Breaking Out: All Over
by Margo Stone
September 10th, 1990
Road to Avalon
by Erik Magnus Lensherr & Patrick Manco & Kai Akana
July 3, 1990 Asteroid M
Change in the Wind
by Levi Rousseau & Charles Xavier
July 23, 1990 X-Mansion
A Tidy Arrangement
by Charles Xavier & Margo Stone
July 3, 1990 X-Mansion
Devil's Advocate
by Charles Xavier & Iris Walker & Cameron Hood & Jade Farwynd & Gabe Spicer & Elias Buckley & Bliss Hawkins & Levi Rousseau
July 21, 1990 New York/New Jersey
Going... Downtown
by Elias Buckley & Bliss Hawkins & Elizabeth Villar
July 1990 (exact date TBC) Salem Center, NY
End of the Line
by Charles Xavier & Elizabeth Villar
July 10, 1993 Front entrance to Xavier's School
Heavy Accounting
by Charles Xavier & Connor Bruin & Iris Walker & Cameron Hood & Jade Farwynd & Gabe Spicer & Elias Buckley
July 2, 1990 X-Mansion
Welcome to Mutant High
by Iris Walker & Elizabeth Villar
Afternoon Library Xavier Mansion
Into the Wind
by Levi Rousseau
June 23, 1990 Thailand, Chiang Mai province
Mooovin' On Up
by Tammy Thompson & Charles Xavier & Scott Summers
July 6, 1990 various
Skin Deep
by Margo Stone
July 5, 1990
Red Dawn
by Charles Xavier & Scott Summers & Connor Bruin & Iris Walker & Erik Magnus Lensherr & Cameron Hood & Jade Farwynd & Gabe Spicer & Sonya Cross & Kai Akana & Elias Buckley
July 2, 1990 X-Mansion
Ignorance Is Not Bliss
by Charles Xavier & Bliss Hawkins
July 7, 1990 Xavier School
Serious Doubts
by Sonya Cross & Kai Akana
June 30 Sonya's Room, the Mansion
Once Upon a Breakfast...
by Charles Xavier & Scott Summers & Connor Bruin & Iris Walker & Cameron Hood & Jade Farwynd & Gabe Spicer & Sonya Cross & Kai Akana & Elias Buckley
June 30th, 1990 Morning Mansion - Dining Room
Darkness Before Dawn
by Charles Xavier
July 1, 1993 War Room | X-Mansion
How to Climb Trees
by Iris Walker & Charles Xavier & Connor Bruin
June 22, 1990 Mutant Research Center | Muir Island
Pool Party
by Sonya Cross & Connor Bruin & Gabe Spicer & Kai Akana
June 28th, 1990 Xavier pool
by Jade Farwynd & Charles Xavier & Cameron Hood
June 27th, 1990 Westchester Air Field, New York
Fast & Loose
by Kai Akana
Grounds Outside the Mansion
Heavy Rain
by Kai Akana & Sonya Cross & Scott Summers
June 26, 1990 X-Mansion
Ebb And Flow
by Jade Farwynd & Charles Xavier
June 27th, 1990 Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas
Rock You Like A Hurricane
by Charles Xavier & Scott Summers
June 25, 1990 X-Mansion

Mission Summary

Professor Xavier successfully recruited and/or promoted a number of students to form the second iteration of his X-MEN. But when evidence of electromagnetic interference was discovered regarding the Blackbird's previous mission and the mysterious wiping of all records and memories of how the First Class disappeared, Xavier reached out to parley with his old friend and nemesis Magneto.

Magneto accepted Xavier's parley and met in the middle of the night. Eavesdropping, Cyclops attacked Magneto in a fit of rage, triggering an all-out battle on the X-Mansion grounds between the fledgling new team and the Brotherhood.

After a pitched battle, Xavier used Cerebro to forcibly shut down hostilies in a manner he swore never to do upon his own team. Magneto used the Professor's brute force as leverage in his invitation to accept any of Xavier's students to join him on Asteroid M as part of his Great Mutant Exodus. Some accepted his offer, while other students abandoned the Mansion, having lost confidence in Xavier's dream or at the least his promise of safety.

The remaining students, plus a few new arrivals (Bliss, Connor, Elias, Iris, Katy, Margo, and Tammy) began training with faculty Cameron and Jade and came together as a real team. Professor Xavier put them to the test by sending them to rescue a mutant held hostage by the Roxxon Corporation which was conducting experiments on him. Levi Rousseau was the subject of renewable energy experimentation until rescued by the Alternate Class, though not without Iris Walker losing control of her abilities. Iris has been listed as M-I-A, as through the result of the accident her overloaded abilities are believed to have rendered her entirely unobservable within the current spacetime continuum.

With the loss of yet another student and having benched Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, for his poor judgment and rash actions, Professor Xavier was at an all-time low. However, when an another accident involving a narcoleptic student who turned out to be some sort of aberrant telepath put the entire X-Mansion on alert, the students and faculty came together in order to help their new friend return to herself.

The Alternate Class is not without its bruises and scars, but they are ready for greater field missions.